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AWP eXtreme clan will be converted into community! Please be patient... Reconstruction & forum maintenance in progress. AwPeX™
Forum INFO -- We have 178 registered users -- The newest registered user is djoleeta -- Our users have posted a total of 2660 messages -- Stats updated once a month or more. Sorry for delay. Last update 15.03.2015
|AWP eXtreme| was European Counter Strike Source Clan from Balkan. Small, compact and deadly! Clan was originally created by a group of best pro sniper players from Serbia in late 2008. Later beside snipers, we had all sorts of players, from all across the Europe and even world. We had real professional players, and achieved much. Since 2011, CS:S clan lost logistic lead, and became a gaming community, saving the memory of once a great clan. AWP eXtreme community is now free for all to join. All you have to do is register here on forum and you will be considered a valid AWP eXtreme member. Registered members can put clan tag, whatever game they play, organize and invite others to join. Cheers and have fun gaming!
Required for all clan members: 1. Forum registration. 2. Written and approved applications for membership in the clan. 3. MSN address and original STEAM CS:S Game. / Obavezno za sve clanove klana: 1.Registracija na forumu. 2. Napisana i odobrena prijava za clanstvo u klanu. 3. MSN adresa i original STEAM CS:S Igra.
Clan Members -- Adam [SRB] : SPEED 91 : archangel : KN16HT : TrmkA : SPLITH a.k.a Cleo : : suNSet... Smile a.k.a Daaaamn : iNfamous a.k.a Mr. SkuIL : AKmon_95 : Vuja : ŦatBoy jR a.k.a Mystigue or El'Barto : m-k1NG : DeagleJohnny : L3TH4L G3N3R4L [UK] a.k.a Mr.D : EvOlUtIoN : Abandonation : DeFinition : xyz a.k.a traNNN
AWP eXtreme Clan 2008 - 2011 Community since 2011 - present day. . . still here Smile
New clan or forum members please introduce yourself first to AWP eXtreme community! Thank you! AwPeX ™️ / Novi clanovi klana ili foruma se mole da se predstave prvo AWP eXtreme zajednici! Hvala! AwPeX ™️
Just registered and became a member on forum but want a full AWP eXtreme forum experience without limits!? No problem! You can upgrade NOW from member to user or even a power user and get a full forum experience! Very Happy Just introduce yourself to AWP eXtreme community and start posting. Upgrade is automated process! EnJoY! Wink AwPeX ™️
Exclamation |AwPeX| clan tag is now changed to |AWP eXtreme| Exclamation
Clan ESL -- http://www.esl.eu/de/change_password/#/de/team/5060557/
Clan STEAM Community -- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AWP_eXtreme
Clan GameTracker -- www.gametracker.com/clan/awpextreme/ -- Be advised, clan info on gametracker is outdated!
Clan Final Battle Ground |AwPeX| -- CLOSED. - We have a backup FBG clan page code. You can check it out in this forum. Smile
Visit our YouTube channel -- www.youtube.com/AWPeXtremeCLAN
Clan INFO -- Visit your forum! Always Be informed! Participate actively in the debate. Together We Build! -- AwPeX ™️ / Posecujte forum! Uvek budite informisani! Ucestvujte aktivno u raspravama i radu klana. Zajedno gradimo! -- AwPeX ™️
Thanks for visiting us! -- AwPeX ™️

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PostSubject: Interested in 100% FREE BEST sell/buy auction website? Register now and support AWP eXtreme clan!   Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:03 am


If you are interested in BEST Serbian auction (sell/buy) website (100% FREE) you can register via this link here.
DOING SO you will help and support AWP eXtreme clan! For return we will give you Power User* status here on this forum and you will get from our clan artist a custom AWP eXtreme spray (picture) with your nick/name on it.**

* VIP user status for this purpose and special forum features in preparation!
** If you are already a full AWP eXtreme member, you will get only big thanks! Wink

Register now on limundo -- Click on this picture below


Ako Vas interesuje NAJBOLJI Srpski aukciski (kupi/prodaj) vebsait (koji je 100% besplatan) mozete se registrovati na njega sa ovog linka ovde. Ukoliko se registrujete dacete podrsku i pomoc AWP eXtreme klanu! Za uzvrat cemo Vam dati status Power User* na ovom forumu i dobicete AWP eXtreme sprej (sliku) sa Vasim imenom u znak zahvalnosti.**

* VIP user status za ovu svrhu i njegove specijalke u pripremi!
** Ako ste vec punopravan clan AWP eXtreme klana, dobicete jedno veliko hvala! Wink

Registrujte te se sada na limundu -- Kliknite na sliku ispod


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Interested in 100% FREE BEST sell/buy auction website? Register now and support AWP eXtreme clan!
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